What I wish people had told me before I planned my first backpacking trip.

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A good article to those who like traveling on solo backpacker. Very useful!

Bemused Backpacker

(Or in other words, what advice I would give to first time backpackers!)

Gap year I give a lot of practical tips and advice on these pages on how to backpack and travel the world independently, how to deal with the hows and whys; but in all the emails people write and questions that I get asked, people always have the same common worries that go beyond the logistics. Of all the fears and doubts faced by first time backpackers or those setting out on their travels for the first time, there are always the same common themes, the same patterns that everyone follows, the same mistakes almost every first time backpacker makes.

There is so much more to planning a backpacking trip than simply walking you through the logistics of how to do it. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a year long RTW gap year or a short…

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