Need Homestay in Indonesia?

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If you visit to Indonesia, especially to Tomohon which is in North Sulawesi and you need accommodation with natural surroundings, far away from crowds, quiet, peaceful and simply. This home is the place you need it.

A homestay, where you can rest peacefully and comfortably without being bothered by noises and noisy vehicles passing by. You can concentrate on completing your writing or recovery your health. From this house will see Lokon mountain scenery that is still active (but not dangerous). You can exercise in the morning walk while enjoying the vegetable garden, the activities of local residents grow crops and the fresh air!

This house is perfect for those who really want to rest and seclusion to recover your energy.


As long as you are in this house, of course we will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. We will make special local food that you can try and make you will not forget it 🙂

You do not need to worry that you only spend time at home alone. Here you can also do a tour in Tomohon village and surrounding areas. You can visit Pinaras waterfalls, Linow Lake, hot bath of natural, trekking to Mt. Mahawu, Tondano Lake, Bukit Kasih (Love Hill), Bukit Doa (Pray Hill), etc. There are many tourist attractions that you can visit by public transport. You can also visit the city of Manado by public transport for 30-40 minutes.

Or if you like to try different types of food, Manado is also famous for its culinary tourism. Starting from the extreme foods to light foods, you will find them 🙂


For booking and more information about  Homestay, please contact me at:

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