Bharatpur Birds Sanctuary

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DSC_0134  Bird Blue

I was really curious when I am in India but do not see the natural life of animals directly, or in other words to visit the sanctuary of wild animals. When I came to India in last September, mostly of the “National Park” in India was closed as it is still the rainy season. It will reopen to the public in mid-October. Well … while in October I was back home to Indonesia: (Generally park closed in India from July to September, because by the time it enters the rainy season. The only place that remains open is “Bharatpur Birds Sanctuary”. Not too disappointed because I am still curious to feel the natural atmosphere though the sanctuary inhabited by more species of Aves (birds).

Penasaran rasanya kalau berada di India tapi tidak melihat langsung kehidupan alam binatang-binatang di sana, atau dengan kata lain mengunjungi tempat suaka binatang-binatang liar. Karena saya datang ke India…

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