What I Found Around Flinder Street, Melbourne

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This is my first visit to Melbourne. While my husband was in the training class, I intend to take a walk around the city of Melbourne on foot. But before exploring the city I think it’s good to look for the right resources to find places where I can just go on foot 🙂

Okay, after breakfast I came out of the apartment located in Londsdale Street. I walk slowly towards Flinder Street via Spring Street. The air was quite cool and the sun was shining with brightful. I passed a lot of cafes and restaurants that offer a full breakfast menu; and the office pretty much come to a full breakfast in the cafes although I have seen some people have only black coffee while reading the newspaper. I do not know the habits of people here that sit in the cafe if allowed to linger, chatting or after the coffee runs out and then have to go? Unlike the habit of Indonesia, which is when it’s in a cafe or restaurant can sit for hours while chatting although the menu is ordered only drinks alone 🙂

Not long after I was already at Flinder Street, I turn right and the  Federation Square can be seen. I crossed the street so I was on the left side of the road. Actually I just followed the map of Melbourne that I took when arriving at the railway station and the map is very simple and easy to follow 🙂

Flinder St2  Flinder St


At Federation Square, I entered the building of Melbourne Tourism Centre.  The building of Federation Square I think is modern minimalist style and asymmetrical. From Federation Square, I can see St. Paul’s church, that was completed in January 1891. There is a Flinder Street railway station, the station said to be the most crowded and busy city of Melbourne.

Flinder St7   Flinder St5 Flinder St4

Meanwhile in the middle of the pitch Federation Square looks a lot of people who were sitting back and not long after came a group of men consisting of 3 persons who then began performing as a circus attraction. Riding a bicycle wheel 1, throwing 3 or 4 pin and accompanied by music. And finally, more and more people coming to see the attraction, and unwittingly makes a half-circle.

Flinder St3  Flinder St1

Well … sunny morning in the city of Melbourne, beginning with an atraction  in Federation Square. And I continued walking towards Flinder Street station 🙂

Happy Traveling!






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