From Penang To Georgetown By Ferry

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ferry1  ferry4

It is very nice if you want to visit the city of Georgetown, Penang by using the ferry. As it is cheap, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city and port on the Quay Penang Port especially at dusk when the sun begins to set . You simply pay RM1.2 just to ride the ferry. When you come from Penang, you are required to pay. But if you want to return to Georgetown Penang, then you do not need to pay or free. Cheap, isn’t it? 🙂

Locations in Penang ferry itself can be encountered in Butterworth, which is also in place at the same bus station and railway station. It’s easy to find the ferry, since many boards follow the instructions and you can go alone. And in Georgetown, the ferry will stop at Weld Quay or commonly known as Jetty. From the Jetty, you can take a taxi or public bus ( up in the terminal KOMTAR ) to get your hotel. You can also use the bus ” Free Cat ” , which the buses for tourists and do not charge at all.

Happy Traveling!

ferry2  Sunset Penang


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