What A Wonderful Friends

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In this blog I would like to say thank you so much to my friends who I met them in Shimla, which is the capital city of Indian State of Himachal Pradesh located in northern India.
I met them on the train between Kalka to Shimla and I was a solo traveler. It was my first time to visit Shimla. On that time winter is coming with the temps between -1C to 10C.When arrived in Shimla railways station maybe around 7.30pm as I had to wait my friend at the station but the weather was too cold and I was so freezing. It was impossible to waiting for in here.
Luckily, i met these guys and helped to find out a place that i can stay overnite. I had to walk from the train station to the hotel for about 30 minutes by road conditions up and down on the hill and the air was very cold.
They are really wonderful friends. I really didn’t know what I should to do if I had not meet these friends. May God bless them and repay them with a life full of abundance. Love you all…!
IMG-20140108-WA0005  IMG-20140108-WA0000 train1

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