Culinary: Es Cendol Melaka

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Es Cendol

This is the one of the famous dessert in Melaka. They call it “Es Cendol”, means Cendol ice. Very delicious! I strongly recommend you all to try this yummy dessert. When you visit in Melaka don’t miss to try it 🙂 Many restaurants serve it especially in Jonker Street. It is popular as well in Indonesia and Singapore.

The basic ingredients of cendol include coconut milk, green starched noodles with artificial pandan flavouring and palm sugar. And the topping are grated ice and read beans; making this yummy dessert just perfect for the sunny weather here in Melaka. If you like durian, you can also add  durian-flavoured cendol, which is (acquired taste aside) quite delicious. For myself, I add durian for the topping as I’m a durian lover 🙂

Happy Traveling!



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